Serhiy POPOV (UA) & Groppo Tokmag (HU) – public presentation/Chisinau

Serhiy POPOV (UA) & Groppo Tokmag (HU) – public presentation, 23 octombrie, 2010, ora 18:00, Center for Contemporary Art, Chisinau [ksa:k] , str. Banulescu-Bodoni 5, ap. 2, Chisinau,

CHIOSC – artist & curator in residency program

The artist and curator in residency program was initiated as part of CHIOSC project to support the research and production of art works in Chisinau taking as a starting point the local context and to encourage making use of public spaces.

Serhiy POPOV

The project explores the cultural institutions designed for children of pre-school and school-level age, and their representation. There are some houses for creativity and youth that replaced the former Young Pioneer Palaces, which were established on the whole territory of the former Soviet Union republics and that include children’s clubs and art collectives.

The study analyses the internal structure of the houses for creativity and youth and their relation towards the governmental and public institutions in the context of modernity. During the presentation will be used photo- and video-documentation, which displays the status of these institutions in present, the main types of creative activities (clubs, art collectives) carried out inside of them and the objects of creation.

Serhiy POPOV CV. Born in Komsomolsk 1978. Works and lives in Kharkov, Ukraine. Creative activity began in the early 2000’s. Addressing the problems of the current social situation, he continue the tradition of photographers whose work in the 70’s and 90’s identified key social issues. In 2005 he joined the group « SOSka ». Work « The Garden » (2008) determined the direction of recent years. More recently he started to explore primary education and preschool institutions operating in specific sociocultural context. House of children’s art and former Soviet Union’s cultural centers (so called « clubs ») are the institutions which represent official cultural dogma in its primary form. Author of photo projects, paintings and videos.

Groppo Tökmag (Tábori András and Budha Tamás). During our stay in Chisinau, we could observe different types of iron grids, not just the ones installed on the panel buildings’ windows, but also all over the city. Most of the time we spent on riding the bicycle around/between these mystical steel webs and we tried to imagine how, during the last 20 – 30 years, people have designed idealistic decoration meant to offer protection. Starting with 1990 the private property was getting more and more important in the post KGST countries and in Hungary, but the main difference we had encountered is that in Chisinau there is a big scale of creativity expressed through those grids – a lot of them look like a naive design object – thus those different shapes represent different personalities and on the other hand, they are meant to make the living area safer, but not just safer but also more attractive and may be happier. When we realized that there is a special « grid-design- movement » in Chisinau, we started to collect (making photos) these iron-documents like maniacs. (This project is related to our latest work in Budapest, Hungary called « Metropolitan Archeology »)

 The Tökmag Gruppo art group was founded in 2008, although its two members had been working together for eight years. Both have graduated at the Hungarian University of Fine Art (MKE) Tamas Budha on the Intermedia Course and Andras Tabori on Intermedia and Painting Courses. Their similar views and same basic principles keep the group running rather than an eminent and strict vision about art. Their main interest is public areas and their work is defined within the circumstances of urban life. They consider public places as their freely usable media. The activity of Tökmag Gruppo interacts with the hidden places and means of the city, nearly all their work reflect this scene, so in a certain way they are the opposite of the « neo avant-garde school » taught at MKE. They run a publishing company called Tökmag, featuring materials and subjects they are interested in and aiming to archive them.


Vizura Aperta, Zagreb,, Asociaţia Slobodne Veze, Zagreb,, Fundatia Centrul de Arta Contemporana, Kiev,, Studio – Asociatia Tinerilor Artisti, Budapesta,, UNAgaleria, Bucureşti,, AREA Chicago,

Asociatia Oberliht, Gh. Asachi Str., 53/1, lit. “A”, Chisinau 2028, Republia Moldova, + (373 22) 286317,,,



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