Centro 73, the first squat in Moldova

Centro 73, the first squat in Moldova, was squattet recently by a very small group of people annoyed by the lack of a non-commercial cultural free space in Chişinău.

The house, a monument, was dirty and in bad condition. With the help of a larger group of people, including international volunteers, there was a big “squat clean up”, people started repairing the floor in the main room, etc. Only the second floor is being used right now, for with it’s four rooms it is large enough for the momentary use and also first floor is in very bad condition. There is no electricity and no water supply at the moment.

The owner wishes to destroy the house for building a new, more useful building there. This is illegal because the building is a monument. Therefore we hope that an organisation protecting monuments and our public work with media and people can prevent the city hall from giving allowance to destroy the house.

The aim of the project Centro 73 is to create a place for artists, musicians, motivated and creative activists in the socio-cultural field, to do their work without the necessity of money. It is also meant to be a place for any interested people to spend time and enjoy company and culture – but not only in the usual, consumeable way in some kind of exchange with money – but in an interactive way allowing anyone to participate.

The organisation of the project hasn’t been going on for very long, regular meetings started recently where decisions are made by all active members that wish to participate. We try to respect everybodys opinion and not to make decisions against anybodys will.


« Squat clean up »: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBssHARnmvE



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