Studio Basar: Search and rescue: CITY/Zagreb

DAZ – Zagreb Architects Society & Slobodne veze/Loose Associations, contemporary art practices present STUDIO BASAR: SEARCH AND RESCUE: CITY, April 20 2010, 8 pm, DAZ, Trg Bana Jelačića 3/1

Within the frameworks of the programs 4X6 and Loose Associations: Lines of Movement we are happy to invite you to the lecture by Alex Axinte and Cristi Borcan from studioBASAR, Bucharest/ Romania.

studioBASAR is an architecture office set up by Alex Axinte and Cristi Borcan in 2006 in the “search-and-rescue” formula, acting as an architectural observation and interventional agent through various surveys and constructions.

SEARCH-AND-RESCUE (SAR): CITY becomes a strategic survey turned into an action programme investigating the dynamics of a modern city. SAR was initiated in 2006, as a collection of certain sections of analysis and diagnosis, run and tested in the urban space. The aim of those sections is to go publicly and refer to various marginal topics such as plainness, improvisation or unlawfulness as a part of the dynamic system of urban current culture. Locally, SAR aims to reinstate in the frame of an architect’s profession the need to explore the urban territory, public activism and social involvement.

One of the most acclaimed projects by studioBASAR  entitled Evicting the Ghost//survival architecture was the exploration of the extreme cases of forced evacuations from houses nationalized under the communist regime, currently retroceded to their former owners, as a case of urban survival underlining issues such as separation, social inequity, administrative incapacity and poverty.

Based on the nationalization and retrocession of buildings in Romania, an extra house emerged: a ghost home simply coming up on the streets, camping on pavements, clinging to the façades of the real homes and vanishing with no trail after a while. The ghost building has no walls, doors, windows or roof: it only has furniture, pillows, carpets, focuses or cutlery, all displayed in successive loads and well packed in cardboard and protection sheets on which protest messages were written. The ghost house takes down in the street all those items collected by a family during their life inside; it is a house upside down.

Current projects by studioBASAR differ from small scale private housing to large scale collective housing and mixed-use developments.

studioBASAR presentation in Zagreb is part of the program Loose Associations: Lines of Movement, dealing with critical and experimental art (and wider social) practices in the countries of the former Eastern Bloc.

The lecture was made possible in collaboration with Zagreb Architect Society (DAZ) and Croatian Association of Visual Artists (HDLU)


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