POSTBOX Magazine|Call for contributions/Chisinau

POSTBOX Magazine   |   Call for contributions
for artists, writers and researchers
The main topic of this issue is: History remains – analyzing collective identity problems / The critical analysis of these history remains as a basic component in the identity structure of a community. For the second issue of the magazine we invite artists, writers and researchers to send us texts and collaboration proposals. Texts should not exceed 8000 characters and the artistic proposals (images, photos, movies, videos, sound/music, objects, etc.) should contain a short concept along with a list of materials needed for their realization.

The POSTBOX Magazine is the newest cultural publication from the Republic of Moldova, with a strong interdisciplinary and experimental character, which aims at reflecting and unifying the artistic and literary trends of the youth from the Republic of Moldova and other regions. The POSTBOX Magazine encourages the communication among different groups of artists but also among representatives of other areas of interest, strengthening the role and the importance of art as a key ingredient in a multicultural society which faces the challenges of globalization. The POSTBOX Magazine isn’t only a printed publication – its goal is to generate events which could bring significant changes to our society.

The POSTBOX Magazine, Oberliht Association, the Republic of Moldova, Gh. Asachi str. 53/1, lit. “A”
Chisinau 2028, + (373 22) 286317, + (373 22) 79370809 / Victor NEAGA, + (40) 744 680 622 / Andreea TOMA
email: andreea(a), visit our web page at :

Andreea TOMA
Revista la PLIC – redactor
Revista la PLIC apare cu suportul financiar al Institutului Cultural Roman

Asociatia « Oberliht »
Moldova Young Artists Association « Oberliht »
mob: + 40 744680622


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