“MOnuMENTS”, “The Travelers Box”/London

Research and Documentation – “MOnuMENTS”

Project is set to arrive in London.
In between 14-27 of March focAR group will set off together with “The Travelers Box” Project.

focAR group’s action is part of The Travelers Box Project. The event will take place in the very heart of London.

Transferring the project in London may bring a new direction to the project. It is now possible to suggest a comparison – the observation of the monuments from the two capitals. The interest points of the research are the concept, the urbanism, the artist, the techniques and the general partner, (the state) as well. Being a visual expression of a public attitude, the monuments history has always developed between the two extremes – the pious acceptance, while evoking a glorious past and disproof.

Background and History

“MOnuMENTS” is an artistic project, which proposes a cultural and social reflection; aiming at a dialogue between rural and urban spaces, between different mentalities, between past and present.

“MOnuMENTS” is a natural, organic response from the artists to all these mutations and reconfigurations of the present time. The immediate result is the documentation of the diversity as a mixture between the urban and rural development, between cultural gestures and collective and individual gestures.   

The mission of the project is a “work in progress” nature, which means ongoing working possibilities, means associations, changes and social dynamics. We are dealing with cultural gestures as well as individual or collective gestures, in between different representations but using similar techniques. “MOnuMENTS” presents the reality through the enticement of gesture, cultural and imagistic quotes which get filter and interpreted, and the balance in between metaphorical and abstract.

Monuments have always had a dual character: on one hand they commemorated history, and on the other hand they have been contested by many social groups which opposed certain ideological tendencies. The studying of monuments is a necessary study everywhere, as they offer many dates that are carved in stone regarding various ideologies and historical moments.

Our research started in 2007, but the project officially opened in 2009, when we made a performance aiming to attract the attention of forgotten monuments or the ones in a state of visible decay. This happened on the route from Constantza to Bucharest when we had the opportunity to notice the differences between urban and rural exhibited monuments.

For more details http://focar.artforclick.com/2009/11/03/monuments/

“The Travellers Box” project is an artistic discourse between artists, whereby both analysis and production play a part. Its foundation rests on the notion of collaboration in those individual artists’ viewpoints, thoughts and interactions with the Box combine with the relationships that develop because of it, and manifest themselves in various forms. Its creation and interpretation is therefore driven by artists both interacting with the Box but also building a series of networked relationships, both nationally and globally. From this, we hope that many relationships and conversations are explored and developed as the project unfolds. As well, because of the mobile, global nature of the project, it is constantly evolving and therefore in some ways, quite unfixed and malleable.

Background and History

Originated and conceived by Danish artist Lars Vilhelmsen, the Travellers Secret Box was first set in motion in May of 2004. Lars’ continuing investigations into the synthesis of life and art generated a project involving artists from all over Europe, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and the UK; each in their own way questioning and responding to the invisible divisions which persist between art and the existent, cultural identity and location, cultural practices and custom, sense of space and notions of travel. 

For more details http://www.thetravellersbox.org/

Curator Lars Vilhelmsen , Syrenvej 51, 9310 Vodskov, Denmark


Co-curator Karen Ay

AyDesignWorks , JJ&J HQ Studios, 191-205 Cambridge Heath Road, , London E2 0EL UK


focAR group (Alina Tudor and Razvan Neagoe) , 104 Boleyn Road, London E7 9QG, UK



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