E-Tribal Art – Feast of the Digital/Cluj

E-Tribal Art – Feast of the Digital

AltArt Foundation, Studio 1st floor, Gallery 4th floor (A), Sweat Tent in the yard, 19.02.2010 – 22.02.2010

All presentations, workshops and debates are in English.

Artists: Susanne Berkenheger (DE), C6.org (UK), Katya Damyanova-Terzieva (BG), Iana Krachunova (BG), Ekmel Ertan (TR), Bronac Ferran (UK), Vanessa Gocksch (CO), Jorge Dib (CO), Alexander Nikolic (AT), Véronique Foulon (UK), Szilárd Miklós (RO), James Powderly (USA/UK), Ştefan Tiron (RO), Claudiu Cobilanschi (RO), Ubermorgen.com feat. Annabe (AT)

Curators: István Szakáts (RO), Thomas Dumke (DE)

In today’s society groups with common interest cluster in the virtual space forming tribes of the electronic space. Electronic tribes assert social power, are able to legitimate symbols and create or shape brands, fashions or movements that reach far beyond the boundaries of the community. During the past six months the invited artists have researched different e-tribes and tested new ways of reaching them through art in a project initiated by AltArt and British Council within the Creative Collaborations Programme.

The four day event includes an exhibition of artistic interventions connecting the real and virtual space, D.I.Y. workshops and a public discussion on the potential of the e-tribal environments to generate social, economical and creative impact.

http://www.etribalart.net, office@altart.org, 0723 263072



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