Twelve links toward urban policy

Twelve links toward urban policy

The Lisbon treaty promises more power for cities and regions. Time to map the efforts made in favour of local cultural policies. Of these, Agenda 21 for culture is the most venerable. In addition to a dozen or so provinces and regions, 150 cities in the world have subscribed to the declaration: about two third in Europe, with four cities in our region: Novi Sad, Pécs, Riga and Tallinn (plus the Vojvodina region in Serbia).

The relatively modest penetration of Agenda 21 in the Anglo-Saxon world can be attributed to the creativity hype, discussed by Gottfried and Philipp in the liveliest section of Report 5, issued at the 5th anniversary of the Agenda.

Europe was the partisan of the creative city concept, before the show was largely stolen by America – also scene of the next creative city summit in April. (A speaker at the Prague forum keeps striving for Europe.) Embarrassingly, Unesco, too, administers a list of creative cities. Of the 19 holders of the title eight are from Europe (none from our region). Not to speak of the British Council, whose creative city project has gained considerable acclaim in eastern Europe. Although the scheme is not confined to our region, we seem to be a priority target area.

Regional Observatory on Financing Culture in East-Central Europe


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