“BORN IN RAHOVA”/Bucharest

On the occasion of International Day of Human Rights
Creative Community, laBOMBAstudios and Active Watch invites you on Thursday, December 10, 2009, -17.00
to the public debate  “BORN IN RAHOVA”
From the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to the creative community space laBOMBA

An event organized with the support of Embassy of Netherlands in Bucharest.

The organisers wish to address the chances of active art in restructuring the social tissue within under-privileged urban areas. Such initiatives, supported by civil society, can have a partial success, however, lacking integration in systemic programmes sustained by public administration, benefits for the community run the risk to remain minor. Ideas, suggestions and experiences are expected from the participants of this meeting in order to help us meet other social relevant stakeholders. During this debate, the participants will talk about the non-existent creative community venues, the lack of public policies in this field, using as a starting point laBOMBA – Community Centre for Education and Active Art Rahova-Uranus. On this occasion, Active Art concept will be introduced, a concept that was the ground for all community creative acts in Rahova-Uranus area. The debate will be moderated by Mircea Toma, president of Active Watch. ActiveWatch-Press Monitoring Agency is a human rights organisation that advocates for public interest free communication.

Ofensiva Generozitatii is an initiative established in 2006 that carries out creative community projects/ active art projects in Rahova-Uranus area. Rahova-Uranus community represents the pilot-project of methods and practices for active art, that the Initiative is intended to disseminate within other similar communities in the future. The initiative has been fully supported by LUM Creative Community where volunteers, day-to-day experts, artists, artistic groups and NGOs are involved. Active Watch is the NGO that provided expertise on several social and community issues that artists tackled with for the following projects: Sensitive Map, Build-up your Community! ; and public debates for Coltul Vorbitorului / Speaker’s Corner. For three years, Ofensiva Generozitatii has experienced Participatory Democracy practices within Rahova-Uranus area. The artists involved in the project acted as mediators between Rahova-Uranus community and local authorities, generating public debate spaces – Coltul Vorbitorului / Speaker’s Corner: The evicted tenant’s Summit (Summitul Evacuatilor) I/II ; Ai cui sunt evacuatii?; From Active Art to Active Citizen. Initiativa Ofensiva Generozitatii and Rahova-Uranus community have jointly detected and drawn up the economical, ethnical and social issues that this community deals with. The most severe ones are: lack of equal education opportunities; phenomena of social marginalisation ; lack of free access to culture. On the basis of the already implemented projects and programmes, Ofensiva Generozitatii has set up community development in Rahova-Uranus area. At the same time, methods and practices discovered and used within the projects, have developed the Active Art concept for the Creative Community. It is the first time this concept has been applied in Romania.



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