Social Capital in Practice/Malta

Social Capital in Practice

Mellieha, Malta, 7-10 May 2010


This conference will discuss the issues associated with Social Capital in Practice. 

As possible examples, the following topics may be discussed at the conference: 

•             Social capital and health (both public and individual),

•             Social capital and depression, 

•             Social capital and ageing, 

•             Adolescent suicide, suicidal pact and social capital, 

•             Youth health, youth growth and development,   

•             Ethnic diversity, migrations, and minority integration,

•             Social mobility, class structure and revenue inequality issues,

•             Social capital and public policies, 

•             Community development, urban policies, urban planning and housing, 

•             Crime, delinquency, impropriety, 

•             Lifelong learning and education issues related to social capital,

•             Families and the private life,  

•             Social capital and religion,

•             Social capital and business, 

•             Inclusive growth and the economy, 

•             Democratization, political and judicial participation, 

•             Measurement issues about social capital, 

•             Issues revolving around the TISR model,

•             Other topics proposed by participants.   

This type of conference brings together scientists, policymakers, social workers and the widest possible public. The emphasis will be put on social capital in practice in terms of actual or potential applications of social capital research. The objective is to make progress on the understanding of these issues by shedding light on the societal and economic developments, and to draft innovative, practical responses.

The Social Link Cycle is a line of conferences dedicated to the bond between people within society, and its contemporary crisis. 

The Social Capital Foundation (TSCF) is an independent institution, free of any established political or economic interest. Its policies and decisions are sovereign and with no recourse. It does not receive support from governments, nor does it contribute to their funding. It is not for profit. Created in 2002, it is based in Belgium and Malta.  

TSCF pursues the promotion of Social Capital. Social Capital is about revitalizing the community link, and can be defined as a set of mental dispositions and attitudes favoring cooperative behaviors within society.


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