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Project description

10 / 1 is a survey on convenient housing conducted through photography. More specifically, it is a documentation of apartment blocks in Bucharest (built during the communist regime), representing over 70% of the housing buildings in the capital city.The ugly apartment blocks were built with the goal of radically equalising individuals in a new empire of concrete (during the ‘Golden Era’). People were lodged in identical apartments with the intention of putting an end to any individualistic inclinations that might be considered a threat to the so-called ‘new man’, who was not supposed to have any opinions of his own.The apartment serves only basic needs such as resting, cooking, education and hygiene, satisfying the most urgent requirements but with no allowance for the social, cultural or communicational needs of the individual. It provides minimum life quality, completely ignoring comfort or privacy.

Artistic statement

My project is comprised of ten photographs, taken in ten single-room flats in an apartment block located in the eastern area of Bucharest. It is a 10-storey apartment block, and the apartments are placed one on top of the other. They are identical, both in the detail of the exterior and interior. I have selected this building as I also live in it, on the 10th floor, and it is easier to approach the subjects. It is only one apartment block, erected in 1966, of the approximately 70,000 apartment blocks facing the same problem.

I took a photograph of each apartment (the interior of each space) from the same angle, in order to better illustrate the mix of social classes in the block, displaying only differences in the character and design of the interior. The rooms may be regarded as a psychological chart of those who live in them, reflecting their history and relation to present times.



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