segment II

Gallery of Expanded Media
Pavillion Mestrovic
Zagreb, Croatia

Revolutionary Experimental Space (R.E.P.) is the artist collective from Kiev, Ukraine. It was created in the end of 2004 during the Orange Revolution.

Patriotism is one of the R.E.P.’s projects; as a project and the process at the same time, it develops the idea of a universal language- Esperanto. Artists use a range of graphic symbols that refer to particular words and concepts in order to create visual tales in the form of murals. In Patriotism local issues become the topic of universal communication. The project aims to eliminate problems connected with translation. The project’s utopian objective entails the possibility of discussing differences in one common language. Apart from the murals the artists always offer the viewer also a dictionary of symbols and meanings.

Through the « Patriotism » series, R.E.P. collective attempts to empty the term patriotism from its xenophobic and nationalistic connotations so that the concept becomes pure rhetorical form, which is then filled with the new internationalist content. This creates the universal « form of Esperanto, » which highlights the union of diversity.
Patriotism by R.E.P. is based on the tradition of monumental agitation, but without the hypnotic effect. The viewer needs to take some time to « read » and reconstruct the meaning of the message.

The exhibition stays open till November 22. Curators: Loose Associations (Nataša Bodrožić, Ivana Meštrov)

This exhibition is part of the program Loose Associations: Lines of Movement focused on research of critical and experimental art practices of the former Eastern bloc.


nataša bodrožić, slobodne veze/loose associations, zagreb, croatia


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