TEMPS D’IMAGES/Cluj/Roumanie

TEMPS D’IMAGES festival will take place between 9th-15 th November in Cluj Napoca and we will folow the same interdiciplinary direction.The main activities of the festival are :

1. Shows

For the 2009 edition there will be invited 6 performances, two of theatre and four of contemporary dance, in which the video image has a central place in the dramaturgical process. ArtLink also wants to co-produce a play of a Romanian director/choreographer.

2. The performance section will be a new component of the festival and within its frame we will invite performances of foreign artists, in less conventional spaces.

3. The research laboratory that will take place in the frame of the project is an original and innovative form of a „chantier » which creates meetings between artists from different aesthetical universes. The laboratory offers the chance for two European artists, one coming from perfomative arts and the other coming from visual arts and working with video, the possibility to work together for 10 days. At the end of this stage they should present the public an artistic form (installation-performance, performance) mixing video and live performance. In 2009 we want to realise 3 laboratories.

4. « Temps d’écoles d’Images »:  Puts together in an exhibition video works of the 2009 graduated students from the art universities in the country.

5. Workshop with students from the Art University and the Theatre University in Cluj, held by a foreign guest. The workshop wants to offer the young students from two distinct artistic disciplines the possibility to work together by using video art in a performative frame, like the theatre/dance performance and to experiment the possible applications and ramifications which are born out of this process.

6. Video-dance films from the ARTE archive which we will present for 2 nights in one of the cinemas from Cluj. ARTE Channel is the promoter of the TEMPS D’IMAGES project and sustains its partners by offering them the possibility to program films of high artistic quality.

http://www.artlink.org.ro,  Contact: Luiza Alecsandru, Tel: +4 0727 841 021, comunicare@artlink.org.ro


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