Future was yesterday/Ukraine-Croatia


Self organized artistic practices from Ukraine

The appearance of the new generation of artists on the Ukrainian art scene is connected with the local social and political processes in 2004 and 2005. During the Orange revolution and the events that followed, various forms of independent collectivism and self organized protest groups have emerged. These groups conducted public manifestations, a form of protest which became characteristic of Ukrainian political life in the last several years. Performative features of the mass political rallies along with the language of « street democracy » became one of the subjects of interest for the new generations of artists, while the questions of solidarity and self-organizing aspirations became an important component of their artistic activities. Interventions within the domain of the political demonstrations turned out to be a typical form of new artistic practice.

In those interventions the artists were deconstructing the rhetoric of the demonstrators, but at the same time applying the same model of civil cooperation among them, the model that was the base of the « orange » movements. Public outbreaks of the young artists at the end of 2004 and the beginning of 2005, were marked by the attempt to directly participate in the public life, by analyzing mass « democratic rituals », by submitting the aesthetic component of the artistic gesture to its socio- critical engagement and above all by collective creation. (…)  

from the text by Nikita Kadan, member of the R.E.P. Collective

FUTURE WAS YESTERDAY project was supported by Croatian Ministry of

Culture, European Cultural Foundation (ECF), Gallery SC, Gallery


Contact: nataša bodrožić

slobodne veze/loose associations, vinogradska 34, Zagreb, croatia


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