Re:Designing Cultural Politics/ Stockholm

Intercult, in collaboration with Culture Action Europe (CAE), would like to invite you to “Re:Designing Cultural Politics”, a two-day conference at the Orion Theatre in Stockholm, 3-4 December 2009. The Swedish EU Presidency is in full swing with an agenda that covers a number of important issues for Sweden and Europe. Culture has not, however, received the focus that it deserves, despite the fact that culture continues to gain ground in the EU. It is time to bring cultural action to the forefront and preferably within the Swedish EU Presidency mandate period. The conference gathers policy-makers from all levels of governance: local, regional, national and European.

The aim is to explore vital links between these spheres and how they could interrelate, creating beneficial conditions for culture and exchange. We have also invited several culture operators from Sweden and Europe. Using key European examples in contrast with Swedish initiatives, we will discuss how the European dimension is integrated, or not, in national cultural policy, and how it filters through to regional and local governance, as well as the reverse.

“Re:Designing Cultural Politics” will take place at the Orion Theatre, our official partner. The conference is a part of the Swedish EU Presidency. The programme is based on a series of encounters between representatives of various spheres of cultural policy. A number of CAE members will provide a wider international perspective and share their experiences. Intercult and CAE are keen to arrange a serious follow-up to the European Culture Forum in September. The programme will also give youa taste of what Stockholm’s culture scene has to offer. Given the momentum that cultural policy is gathering, both in Sweden and in Europe, it is a unique opportunity to gather stakeholders at both a national and a European level in an open forum about how interrelations, from the local to the European, can be strengthened and improved.

We want to give you the opportunity to listen to and discuss with a number of high-level officials in an informal and constructive environment, and an chance to connect with policy-makers, as well as representatives from the culture sector, both from Sweden and Europe.

Practical information and registration The latest programme can be downloaded here:

Register through this link. Registration is binding.

Do you have any questions? Contact us: or +46 8 644 10 23


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